2022 Volvo 860 Leasing

2022 Volvo 860 leasing

2022 Volvo 860 features: 

Battery-powered HVAC: All 2022 Volvos come with a battery-powered HVAC system and ESPAR Air Heater that are quieter and more cost effective to maintain compared to alternative idle reduction systems, while also being compliant in all 48 continental states.

Idle Smart: If batteries run low, Idle Smart will kick on to ensure the truck remains at your desired temperature.

Bunk: Upper bunk with a premium memory foam mattress.

Refrigerator: Factory-installed refrigerators keep food and drinks cold on the road.

Sleeper size: 77”.

Inverter: Factory-installed 1,800-watt power inverters.

Engine: Volvo D13 425HP engine.

Transmission: Volvo 12 sped I-Shift A2612F Direct Drive.

Miles: New (under 2,000).

Collision mitigation system: Volvo Active Driver Assist (VADA 2.0).

Right side blind spot detection: Provides an alert when vehicles are in the lane next to you.

Forward-facing cameras: SmartDrive (for recording critical events).

Electronic stability control system: Helps prevent skid or jackknife situations.

Colors available: Black, Medium Rich Blue Metallic, Charcoal Grey Metallic, Garnet Red Metallic.

Upgraded truck exterior: Premium chrome details on the door and hood mirrors.

Upgraded truck interior: Leather seats.

Warranty: 2022 Volvos come backed by top-of-the-line, factory direct warranties that include a 3-year/350,000-mile basic vehicle warranty and a 5-year/500,000-mile engine warranty.

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