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About SFI

Your success is our only goal

Starting or upgrading your trucking business can be scary. SFI Trucks and Financing has been leasing semi-trucks since 1995, and what really makes us different from other truck leasing companies is our dedication to helping clients succeed. We provide top-notch resources, support and flexibility to help owner-operators grow their business.

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What SFI has to offer

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The trucks we lease

We know owner-operators’ greatest asset is their truck. We’re committed to leasing the highest quality trucks your business can rely on.

A huge truck selection to choose from

Our inventory has over 200 new and gently-used tractors, including 2025 models. We have Freightliners, Internationals and Volvos to choose from.

Warranties to protect your business

Warranties on new trucks cover the entire length of clients’ initial leases. These warranties include coverage on almost all repairs. Used trucks come with extended, above-industry-standard warranties that cover high-cost repairs.

Truck specs for owner-operators

As a business owner, safety and saving money are important. This is why our trucks are designed with safety features and cost-saving options.

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The flexibility we provide from the start

SFI provides flexible options from the beginning. This empowers owner-operators to get their business up and running.

Low money down options

Our team works with clients to determine a security deposit they can afford. Also, all current, reserve, and former military members get a $500 discount on their security deposit

Credit score flexibility

Your credit score doesn’t define the kind of business owner you are or could be. We will find a way to get you into your dream truck whether you have good or bad credit.

Deferred truck payment options

Get into your dream truck sooner, establish your business and then start making weekly payments later – up to four weeks after you pick up your truck.

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The support we offer throughout the lease

We don’t just lease a client a truck and expect them to operate on their own. Although SFI will never tell an owner-operator how to run their business, we do provide resources most clients take advantage of.

Help during tough weeks

If your revenue falls short or you run into an issue that impacts your cash flow, we will work with you to explore flexible payment options so you can get back on track

Maintenance accounts

SFI clients contribute to their Managed Maintenance Account on a weekly basis. This helps prevent out-of-pocket expenses for preventative, routine and unexpected truck maintenance. And it’s up to each client to decide what vendor and service provider they want to work with when truck repairs are needed.

24/7 maintenance support team

Our top-notch maintenance team provides access to funds and support. This includes 24/7 emergency roadside assistance. Our engineers specialize in helping clients work through challenging maintenance issues. We also have associates who work with clients to get the best parts and labor rates. Discover even more about our maintenance team benefits.

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The freedom we encourage

We get the reason company drivers become owner-operators. They desire to have more freedom and boost their earnings potential. That's why we offer opportunities for our clients to make their business truly their own.

Run your business the way you want

Haul the freight you want to haul. Take advantage of the spot market with your own operating authority or lease-on with your carrier of choice. Whatever your business goals, SFI supports them.

Business consulting services

We have a relationship with American Truck Business Services (ATBS). This provides our clients with access to resources like bookkeeping and taxes, payroll services and ongoing business advice. ATBS can work with you to determine what specific business needs they can assist with.

Options at the end of your lease

SFI offers a lease-to-purchase program. This provides clients with the option to buy out their truck during the lease or after completing it. They can also finance their truck to extend their lease or turn their truck in and upgrade to a different one.

Meet the team

SFI has account administrators at three locations across the United States.

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Green Bay, Wisconsin

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Charlotte, North Carolina

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Phoenix, Arizona

Get into your dream truck in as little as one week

We help clients get into a semi-truck and on their way to business success. Start with searching our inventory to find a truck that best suits your needs.

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