2022 Premium Freightliner Cascadia Leasing

2022 Premium Freightliner Cascadia Leasing

2022 Premium Freightliner Cascadia features: 

Battery-powered HVAC:All 2022 Freightliner Cascadias come with a battery-powered HVAC system that is quieter and more cost effective to maintain compared to alternative idle reduction systems, while also being compliant in all 48 continental states.

Optimized Idle: If batteries run low, Optimized Idle will kick on to ensure the truck remains at your desired temperature.

Bunk: Upper bunk with premium memory foam mattress.

Refrigerator: Factory-installed refrigerators keep food and drinks cold on the road.

Sleeper Size: 72".

Inverter: Factory-installed 1,800-watt power inverters.

Engine: DD15 Gen 5 engine.

Transmission: Automatic (DT12-DHE).

Miles: New (under 2,000).

Collision mitigation system: Detroit Assurance 5.0 CMS (adaptive cruise and blind spotter).

Side-facing radar system: Provides an alert when vehicles are in the lane next to you.

Forward- and side-facing cameras: SmartDrive (for recording critical events).

Electronic stability control system: Helps prevent skid or jackknife situations.

Colors available: Black, Dark Red, Charcoal, Medium Rich Blue.

Seats: Upgraded leather seat with heat and ventilation options.

Table workstation: Enjoy the luxury of having a lounge area.

Upgraded truck exterior: Premium chrome details and a painted bumper.

Warranty: 2022 Freightliner Cascadias come backed by top-of-the-line, factory direct warranties that include a 3-year/350,000-mile basic vehicle warranty and a 5-year/500,000-mile engine warranty.

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