2021 Freightliner Cascadia Leasing

2021 Freightliner Cascadia Leasing

2021 Freightliner Cascadia features: 

HVAC: All units have money saving heating/cooling systems that can be used when you are on break; choose from TriPac or Battery Powered HVAC (with Optimized Idle) systems.

Bunk: Upper bunk with premium memory foam mattress.

Refrigerator: Factory-installed refrigerators give you the ability to keep food and drinks cold on the road, helping you better meal plan and save money.

Sleeper Size: 72"

Inverter: Use the devices that improve life on the road with factory-installed 1,800-watt power inverters.

Engine: DD15.

Transmission: Automatic.

Miles: New (under 2,000).

Collision mitigation system: Reduce the likelihood of accidents from happening and save lives with proven technology.

Side-facing radar system: Provides an alert when vehicles are in the lane next to you.

Forward- and side-facing cameras: Protect yourself against false claims.

Electronic stability control system: Helps prevent skid or jackknife situations.

Colors available: Choose from Black, Charcoal, Dark Red or Medium Rich Blue.

Warranty: The Freightliner warranty through SFI is above the industry standard – it covers most repairs over the life of the initial lease. The warranty offers an Extended Truck Coverage 4 (TC4), which includes full aftertreatment coverage for 6 years/600,000 miles and Extended Engine Coverage (EW4). It also includes DPF maintenance coverage, which provides a one-time replacement of both DPF filters.

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