Thinking about leasing with SFI Trucks? Hear what our current clients have to say about their experience leasing a semi-truck from us:

“You can call them up if you have issues. They don’t just lease you a truck and let you fail. They want to make sure you succeed with your business. They care. If I have questions, I can call them up any time. We have good communication.” -Bruce Stuart

“I am on my second truck with SFI, and I fully intend to lease another one after my lease is up in two years.” -Marc Russo

“I’ve been with SFI for almost eight years. The maintenance program has been really crucial in helping me save the money I need for repairs or incidentals that go on.” -William McKindra

“I love the way SFI handled everything for my new truck. It was a very smooth transition indeed. The truck is an amazing, incredible machine, and I am so glad I made the move into this with SFI’s help and expertise.” -Frederick Powell II

“My Account Administrator has been extremely easy to work with and helpful throughout the duration of my lease.” – Jeff Denney

 “My experience with SFI has been great so far. I would have to say that I was very impressed with how my Account Administrator was able to get me in the truck that I wanted. It was just a matter of a few days between the time that I decided to go for this, and then being on my way to Green Bay to begin my new adventure! I can’t praise my Account Administrator enough. She is excellent to work with!” -Travis Graham

“With SFI, it was easy to finance my truck, and my rep is so nice and understanding. I like the options at the end of the lease and the freedom I have as an owner-operator.”  -Leslie Combs

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