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SFI Trucks and Financing takes the fear and intimidation out of starting and running a business. We don’t just lease you a truck and hope for the best. We help you become the best by connecting you with a friendly Client Relationship Manager and a vast network of business resources, so you can hit the road in no time.

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Turn to a trusted pro to set up your business

A lot goes into running a business, but it won’t feel that way for SFI Trucks and Financing clients. Fill out a credit application, and we’ll walk you through every step, from creating a business plan and finding a truck, to maximizing profits and maintaining your truck.

“I wasn’t sure if I was going to get the truck on my own or if I wanted to go through SFI, but once they contacted me, I found out how easy it was. … I sat down, signed on the dotted line and walked out with my new truck. It was a really nice experience."

Steve Gamber, SFI Trucks and Financing client

A number of decisions and self-assessments need to be made before you take your professional driving career to the next level.

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It’s one thing to know your revenue and expenses as budget line items, but we’ll help you set up a profit plan so you know the exact number of miles you need to drive to meet your financial goals.


We’ll help you prepare for preventive, routine and even unexpected truck maintenance. Many lessees with SFI set up maintenance accounts, which help you avoid out-of-pocket expenses. When the wheels aren’t turning, you’re not earning; and if you lose, we lose, so we all have a vested interest in keeping your business’s key asset in tip-top condition.



SFI will help you understand your small business insurance needs and save money on coverage. We require lessees to carry physical damage and non-trucking liability insurance, both with SFI listed as the certificate holder.

Taxes and Accounting

Owner-operator clients of American Truck Business Services (ATBS) get help with taxes and bookkeeping to allow them to concentrate on driving revenues to their bottom line. Owner-operators can receive a profit and loss preview assessment of your lease, and SFI can facilitate weekly ATBS service fee payment through settlement deduction.You don’t have to love math to be a successful owner-operator truck driver.