Nothing matters more than
keeping you on the road.

SFI Trucks and Financing does more than just get you in a quality truck — we help you keep your truck on the road and your business running smoothly. We’ll help you proactively maintain your truck, avoid expensive repairs and ensure you’re prepared for the unexpected. You’ll also get access to a huge maintenance support network and exclusive discounts.

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Keep it Running Right

Tires Tires

This is where the rubber hits the road, literally. Tires can get expensive, but SFI will help you make your tires last longer, while preparing you for when you do need to replace them.


All trucks leased through SFI are equipped with an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), saving you money and giving you the ability to heat and cool your tractor without idling your engine.

Fluids Fluids

Fluids play a huge role in helping your truck run smoothly, and when your truck is running smoothly, so is your business.

Engine and Technology Engine & Technology

Your engine powers more than just your truck — it powers your business and your livelihood. That's why it's critical to stay on top of preventive and routine engine maintenance.


Maintenance Schedule

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  Grease Thorough Inspection PM & Oil PM No Oil
15,000 Miles X X X  
30,000 Miles X X   X
45,000 Miles X X X
60,000 Miles X X   X
75,000 Miles* X X X  
90,000 Miles* X X   X
105,000 Miles* X X X  
120,000 Miles* X X   X


An initial 15,000 miles new truck preventive maintenance is recommended on all NEW trucks. This initial preventive maintenance is more exhaustive than traditional preventive maintenance and is recommended by the manufacturer.

Tune Up Frequency

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Detoit Diesel At 100,000 miles then every 500,000 miles
Volvo At 100,000 miles then every 500,000 miles
MX At 40,000 miles then every 160,000 miles
Cummins At 100,000 miles then every 100,000 miles
Cat At 100,000 miles then every 100,000 miles

For any preventative maintenance, refer to your user's manual for details


Call your truck’s manufacturer support line to document any issues with the truck.

  • Obtain case #/reference #
  • Document issue on file
  • Expect inspection within 24 hours
  • Update from shop with estimate of repair time
  • Any questionable repair/timeframe, call support line
  • Daily morning call to support line with update or inquiry
Support Numbers


  • Read owner’s manual and become familiar with your truck and the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • View educational links from SFI Trucks and Financing's YouTube channel
  • Establish relationships with local/home dealers and vendors
  • Avoid truck stop repairs
  • Perform pre/post trip inspections before and after every load — look for fluid and exhaust leaks
  • Obtain a copy of invoice for all service performed on truck. If invoice is not available when you leave, follow up with the shop at a later time
  • Keep good records