New truck models line the lot at an SFI facilityNew truck models line the lot at an SFI facility

Leasing frequently asked questions

Questions and answers regarding our leasing process

Q. Will you check my credit score?

A. SFI does do a credit check during the application process, but we are not a credit-based leasing company. When reviewing applications, we look at many considerations – your ability to lease a truck from SFI is not based solely on your credit score.

Q. Can I purchase a truck from SFI?

A. SFI leases trucks. However, at the end of a lease, clients have the option to pay the remaining balance on their truck and become the owner of it. Our TRAC lease also allows clients the option to pay off their truck in full before the lease ends (fees may apply). Other options at the end of a lease include financing the truck to extend the lease and turning the truck in to upgrade to a new one.

Q. What is the down payment (security deposit) requirement to lease a truck?

A. Security deposit requirements vary from lease to lease. However, SFI works with clients to determine a security deposit they can afford, including low money-down options.

Q. How long does a truck lease last?

A. Leases range anywhere from one to three years in length, depending on what type of truck is leased.

Q. How much will my truck payment be?

A. Weekly payments vary depending on what truck a client leases. 

Q. What types of trucks does SFI lease?

A. SFI’s inventory consists of brand-new and gently used tractors for both Van and Tanker owner-operators. Our options include Freightliners, Volvos and Internationals. Trucks come with warranty protection and industry-leading specs.

Q. Do I have to lease-on with Schneider as an SFI client?

A. SFI clients can choose whichever carrier they want to lease-on with, including Schneider. Clients also have the option to operate under their own authority.

Q. How do I fill out an application?

A. You can fill out an application here. The application will ask you for:

  • Your contact information.
  • Your financial information.
  • Your recent driving experience.
  • How much you have for a security deposit.
  • What carrier you want to/currently haul for.

Let’s roll!

The process of leasing a semi-truck through SFI is stress-free, thanks to the support and resources your Account Administrator can provide. Take the next step by checking out our vast inventory of truck options and filling out an application.

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