Q: What if I have poor credit?
A: At SFI Trucks and Financing, we get to know you, not your credit score. We’ll discuss your credit history, but more importantly, we’ll discuss what you’ve learned from the past. Then, we’ll talk about your goals and help you get moving toward success.

Q: Why can’t I see your inventory?
A: Our inventory changes rapidly at each of our locations, which is why we don't show individual trucks on our website. Once your credit application has been approved and it's time to pick a truck, we'll share detailed spec sheets and photos to help connect you with your perfect rig.

Q: Can I buy a truck?
A: No. At this time we only offer lease options.

Q: Could I be denied repairs on my maintenance account?
A: We only influence or deny repairs if you fall behind on your maintenance account. We’ll do what we can to help you avoid this situation. You can use your own money on any repair, too, but with proper management, this will not be an issue.

Q: A gently used truck is always a better value, right?
A: It always comes down to total cost of ownership. A new, more efficient truck with a only routine maintenance and warranty may be less expensive than a used truck with higher repair and down time risks. We'll help you weigh these considerations.

Q: What exactly is your connection to Schneider, the carrier?
A: We are Schneider's truck financing arm. There is an affiliation, but we are a separate legal entity. A segment of our client base pulls freight from other carriers. We welcome all owner-operators. If you and your business want access to one of the largest freight bases in the industry and the backing of a large, stable carrier, learn about Schneider's lease programs by visiting schneiderowneroperators.com.

Q: What’s the catch?
A: No money down, people who care, business support — it may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. Running a business isn’t easy, and it’s not for everybody, but if you’re a hard-working, aspiring business owner, we’re in your corner. Find out for yourself!