How to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Prior to owning your own trucking business, you must apply for and obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN). 

What is an EIN?

Your EIN, which is free to get, is how the IRS identifies your business for tax reporting purposes. 

Steps to obtaining your EIN:

1. Visit this IRS link and click Apply Online:

Step 1 of Applying for EIN

2. Click Begin Application:

Step 2 of Applying for EIN

3. Select Sole Proprietor:

Step 3 of Applying for EIN

Typically, if you already have a Partnership, Corporation or and LLC, then you would also already have an EIN. In the event you don't already have one of these business formations, but select one of these options, then you MUST also form that type of organization and provide Schneider Finance with the Articles of Organization as file with your state when doing so. 

4. Select Sole Proprietor:

Step 4 of Applying for EIN

5. Select Started a New Business:

Step 5 of Applying for EIN

6. Personal Information:

Step 6 of Applying for EIN

7. Addresses:

Step 7 of Applying for EIN

7. Additional details:

Step 8 of Applying for EIN

If you choose to be a DBA, this is where the option is provided. This is NOT the same as a formal business organization.

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